Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sarah Palin

Those who see Governor Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy as a revelation that abstinence does not work or that it is somehow proof of Palin’s lack of competency as a mother obviously never raised a child to teen age or have never been teenagers themselves.

Just because when you were a teenager you never suffered the temptation of sex with anyone other than yourself or you believed promiscuity was the way to enlightenment, does not mean the rest of society does not face serious choices, challenges, and consequences. Just ask another teenage girl who got pregnant - Obama’s mommy.

Teaching abstinence will never be a perfect solution just as the birth control “progressives” wish to dispense to our kindergarteners will never be perfect. It is baffling how the far-left believes that it is ultimately better for our children to have sex than to try and make an intelligent decision.

Attacking the Governor on issues is fine but attacking her children is pure cowardice. Instead of regurgitating the Democratic National Committee talking points, why not try something novel like coming up with an original idea.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

McCain's Housing Problem

The current liberal spin that John McCain is an out of touch elitist because he cannot account for every penny his wife ever earned is ludicrous. If McCain was the money grubbing elitist the liberals claim he is, he would no doubt be able account for all his assets.

The fact is that instead of sitting in a little room maniacally rubbing his hands together counting his piles of gold for the last twenty years, McCain has been entirely focused on the problems facing the United States at home and abroad. Contrary to the liberal lies, McCain does not have his wife’s entire portfolio memorized because he is not totally consumed by greed. There are much more important things to focus on in this country and the world right now then his wife's bottom line.

Despite the fact that the democrats would have spun McCain’s lack of knowledge regarding his investments no matter what, democrats truly cannot understand that a human being could care more about his country and fellow man than his own wallet.

Like any red-blooded American man I have no doubt that John McCain loves his home and is happy just as long as he has the best seat in front of the TV, a cold beer, a steak on the grill, and the game on.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Saddleback Debates

Since the recent Presidential debates in Saddleback church were mainly about character and less about the candidates, relationship with God, it is difficult to comprehend liberals' Linda Blair-like reaction.

What I do find interesting is that when the topic of religious influences came up, Obama conveniently neglected to mention Reverend Wright, his mentor and leader of the church of segregation. A church where Obama spent nearly half of his life had his children baptized and got married.

Liberals’ assertion that intellectual capacity is the supreme measure of a leader could not be more wrong. While McCain had clear, concise, and decisive answers which made him the clear winner of the debate, Obama’s intellectual attempt to straddle both sides of each question made him look like an appeasing politician trying to please both sides.

I find it hilarious that since John McCain knows who he is, what he stands for, and was therefore able to answer the questions instantly and that Obama hemmed and hawed his way through the whole debate, liberals could only surmise that McCain must have cheated.

What level of bitterness leads a human being to think of a child saying grace aloud in a public school lunchroom as a cause for litigation? Do liberals really feel that any reference to God suffered by their children is mental contamination and thus grounds for a lawsuit?

Ironically, the ACLU and their fanatic cronies are every bit as zealous trying to obliterate God from society as Tomas de Torquemada was in trying to purify the people of Europe during the Spanish Inquisition.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Obama's Kool-Aid Brigade

I hoped that the recent priapism that Bill O’Reilly developed for Obama was merely a clever ploy to lure Obama into his no spin zone. After further observation it is clear that O’Reilly has crossed over and has gone under the spell of our would-be messiah.

Since O’Reilly’s slobbery excoriation of Laura Ingraham for making fun of Obama and his constant challenges of the sage Karl Rove, it is clear that someone from the Obama camp has been managing to spike the Kool-Aid on the set of the O’Reilly Factor.

As for this viewer and many like me, my factor gear has found a new home in the round file and I find myself longing for Gilligan’s Island reruns at the 8 pm hour.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Obama Really Snubbed Our Injured Troops

Since Obama was so worried about people thinking that visiting our wounded soldiers would be viewed as a political tactic, he chose not to go. Therefore, it is fair to say that Obama is more worried about public perception than doing what is right. Talk about courage.

If I voted against funding those who were severely wounded protecting my safety and I had no concern for the success of their mission, I, like Obama, would not be able to look them in the eye and would refuse to visit.

The good news is there just may be a hint of conscience in our would-be messiah.

Contrary to public sentiment, one cannot support the troops and not support their mission. That’s like saying “I love construction workers and contractors but I wish there were no houses and buildings.” Our troops are smarter than that.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Obama says Americans Need to Speak French / Spanish

Despite my abject empathy for Obama’s embarrassment at the United States’ lack of foreign language prowess, I’m afraid I do not share his emotion. Similarly, I do not feel compelled to learn Spanish because some rookie politician says I must.

I do not aspire to be French, German, Spanish or any other European designation and I will not live my life with the sole pursuit of pleasing foreign nations. Nor will I ever be embarrassed of my country because some elitist seeking cocktail credibility blushes at the thought of being disliked by Canne Film Festival regulars. I am an American. I speak English.

Although I can speak a great deal of Spanish, I learned it because I wanted to not because I needed to. Soon we will have to learn just to be able to shop at a retail outlet or understand local landscaping and house cleaning services. At the present rate, we will have no choice and Spanish will become the dominant language in the USA..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama and Chicago Politics

Coming of age in Chicago and its suburbs, one learns early on that the region’s politics are wrought with corruption, greed, and cutthroat tactics. Needless to say, to rise to the top of such a rugged and dirty political environment, a Chicago politician needs to adapt to his or her surroundings. By consorting with the likes of Wright, Rezko, and Ayers (the ones vetted so far) Obama adapted and excelled in a town where the word politician is literally synonymous with crook. There is a reason why any good parent scrutinizes their child’s friends. A person’s character and beliefs can be surmised by the company they keep. Didn’t your Mother tell you that?

Emerson said “What you are shouts so loudly I cannot hear what you say”. The problem is that half of Americans believe the rhetoric they hear and ignore the actions and associations of the, would be messiah, who ascended from the sewer that is Chicago politics. After wallowing in the sludge for so many years, the smell does not wash away so easily.

Our only hope is that the blind that are fooled by the rhetoric and ignore the actions and associations of the man, will somehow awaken to the truth. It is starting to seem that Obama is just another crooked Chicago politician who does and says what he needs to misdirect his adoring public from the truth. Associations and friendships do matter. If the press had worked as hard to vet Obama as they did to prop him up early on, Hillary would be the nominee today. In this election we cannot count on the press.